A game for every occasion! 

The Rules: 
Divide your cards on the table into the four categories; SOCIALISE; MINGLE; DISCLOSURE and CONSEQUENCE. 
Depending on how sociable (and brave) you are feeling, pick a card, follow the instructions and complete the task. 
Each category has points so add up your scores as you go along. You must score 40 EXACTLY to win and must have taken a card from every category. 
Failure to complete any task will result in a consequences card and still enable you to score 2 points. Now go Socialise and Mingle! 

Socialise & Mingle Original Edition 

The original, hilarious laugh out loud card game of challenges, dares and consequences for sociable people. 
Expansion packs coming soon! 
Only £10  

Socialise & Mingle Hen Party Edition 

Great for breaking the ice and really getting those celebrations started. Belly laughing guaranteed!  
Expansion packs coming soon! 
Only £10  

Socialise & Mingle Rainbow Edition 

Specially developed flirty rainbow edition. Limited edition print run - don't miss out! 
10% of profits will be donated to local LGBT Charities 
Expansion packs coming soon! 
Only £10  

Socialise & Mingle Wedding Edition 

Only £12 | Click HERE for more options 

Socialise & Mingle Dating Edition 

Only £12 
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